End of independent schools?

05 Oct 2007

 It has been an interesting week for independent schools with the news that a 5th school has now signed up to become a City Academy. The 5 schools are all good solid schools, not just small private institutions trying to find a life-line as financial times get hard.

Of course, they are not Eton, St Paul's or Harrow. And 5 schools is still only a small number. But if Lord Adonis can prick a few more independent school consciences - and after all, most of them began as foundations to help the children of the not-so-rich - then we could see quite a few more.

 You can read more on this in my weekly BBC News Online column (see the articles section of this website).  

 I think this is a development worth watching closely. After all, simply sponsoring an Academy is one thing but opting out of the fee-paying sector - and giving up academic selection - is quite another. 

If the government could persuade 20 fee-charging schools to switch then we would really be seeing a revolutionary change. 

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