Rose is not another Plowden

19 May 2009

 I have a piece in The Education Guardian today prompted by a recent re-reading of the watershed Plowden Report on primary schools (part of my homework for a new BBC Radio 4 series on the history of primary schools to be broadcast in the autumn).

 It brought home to me how - in recent years - governments have abandoned large-scale, open-minded education enquiries in favour of a narrower, quick-fix approach.

You can read the article at:

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Margaret Maden - 22 May 2009

Plowden and Rose

Another attribution needed perhaps on the Plowden Report. Professor Maurice Kogan was its Secretary, having joined the then Ministry of Education from Cambridge as a highly able policy analyst, as well as a brilliant writer and distiller of a wide range of views.Perhaps there's a thesis waiting to be written about the influence, postive or negative, of senior civil servants on educational developments? Too easy to sneer at or sideline such folk when, at best, they quietly work wonders.

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