Radio 4 series on primary schools

29 Apr 2009

I'm off to do the first of many recordings for my a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 series on the history of primary schooling. Today I'll be talking to education historian, David Crook, from the Institute of Education.

  Tomorrow I am off to two of my old primary schools. One - Manor Street School in Braintree -is now a  museum complete with an authentic Victorian classroom (it didn't need much changing from the days I attended this former Board School). The other - John Ray Juniors - was a brand new school in the mid-1960's, opening just as the watershed Plowden Report was being written. 

Lots more planned for the series - which will be broadcast in September - including interviews and reminiscences from Lord (Ken) Baker and David Blunkett. 

However I am still open to ideas and suggestions for what to include, so please respond if you have any. The series will start from the legacy of the 19th century church schools and 'payment by results' and will end with a debate looking to the future with the Cambridge University and Sir Jim Rose reviews.

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