Proper local school news

04 Feb 2009

 Where can parents go for serious, thorough, unbiased coverage of their local schools? How many local newspapers offer thoughtful and detailed reporting on schools? 

 Well have a look at this website from Illinois in the USA. I'll admit to a special interest: it was set up by a couple of friends of mine whom I met on a journalism fellowship at the University of Michigan ten years ago. I really like their stated aim which is, to quote it in full:

' inform citizens about their government. We’ll provide in-depth school news that no one else is providing and high-quality community journalism that is disappearing as other newspapers have scaled back on staff and content.

In keeping with journalistic ethics, we will never accept funding from any public entities that we cover. Like other newspapers, we’ll get our revenues from advertising and subscriptions, and we hope the residential and business communities will support us in this effort.

School Week is believed to be the first weekly newspaper in Illinois to focus exclusively on local school coverage, and we think parents, children, educators, and taxpayers are worth it.'

Take a look for yourselves at:



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