Diplomas: historic start to teaching - how was it for you?

16 Sep 2008

So, finally, the first teaching of the new diplomas has begun. There may only be 20,000 students signed up for the first phase but this could yet turn out to be a historic turning point in English education. 

 I chaired a conference on diplomas today and heard about the first experiences of schools and colleges.

 It is of course early days but the diplomas seem to be progressing well enough on the ground, although confusion remains about just what sort of animal they are: vocational? academic, neither? or both?

The consensus seemed to be that 'applied learning' is the best label, since vocational suggests 'job-specific' preparation which is not what diplomas are about.

 On the practical side, one of the biggest concerns seems to be about the amount of time, and money, involved in transporting students between schools and colleges.

I'd be interested to hear your experiences if your school or college is now teaching diplomas or if you - or your son or daughter - has started a diploma course. Email to: info@mikebakereducation.co.uk





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