UCAS and clearing

16 Aug 2008

 I hope your results went well, be they A-levels, AS-levels, Highers, BTecs or whatever. Don't be put off by some of the media coverage, these are still demanding qualifications, and if you worked hard you can be proud of what you achieved. 

I'm happy to report that my daughter's results went well. At least she didn't have the extra pressure of needing specific results for university admission as she is doing an Art Foundation course this year before applying to read Art at university next time round.

 However if you didn't quite get want you wanted: don't panic. There is always clearing. Go to the UCAS website for more. They have also just started a new blog which is quite a handy way of keeping up with the latest admissions news.

It's at: http://craigfish.blogspot.com/

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