School resources from Farm Africa

20 Jul 2012

 Just a brief - and deserving - mention for the charity, Farm Africa, which has produced a resources pack for schools. The resources are designed to help teachers connect their pupils with the very different lives of children in Africa and the issues they are facing.

The UK charity, which works with communities in rural Africa to end hunger and build sustainable livelihoods, is asking schoolchildren, parents and teachers to “get their wellies on” and take part in a mass UK-wide welly-walk to one of its projects in eastern Africa. And back!

 Don't panic - you don't actually have to walk to Africa...the miles will be added up collectively and equated to distances in Africa.

The resources are 

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Masie - 03 Jan 2015

UK charity performs a great work for rural people. I think everybody take a part in charity work and support those people who are not able to afford basic necessities. If you follow this page ( then you can see how they deliver online education for rural children.

addiebaldric - 20 Jan 2015

School resources from Farm Africa

Extremely special lives of children in Africa and the issues">order custom college paper they are facing.

addiebaldric - 20 Jan 2015

parents and teachers to “get their wellies on”
nd take part in a mass UK-wide welly-walk

Dejero live - 23 Jan 2015

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alice - 03 Mar 2015

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Schools can Give starvation the walking boot in the classroom and educate children about Farm Africa by downloading these fundraising and teaching resources.

Frankie Jean - 03 Mar 2015

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