National test results published

05 Aug 2008

 So the government went ahead  with publication of the results even though not all the scripts have been marked. While they are right to say that there are more than enough results for the statistics to be valid, we still cannot be sure that the quality of marking was not affected by the last minute rush to try to meet the results deadline.

Surely it would be better to wait until the outcome of the appeals process. Moreover, if that produces serious doubts about the quality of marking the school-by-school results tables should be abandoned for this year.  

 Meanwhile many newspapers continued to perpetuate the myth that children who failed to reach Level 4 in Maths and English are unable to read, write and add up. Level 4 was initially set as the level for the 'average' child. Only later did it become the 'target level'. However failure to get Level 4 does not mean a child cannot read, write or do basic maths.   

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