Twitter questions for Gove

23 Jan 2012

Well done to the cross-party Education Select Committee for giving the public and the teaching profession a chance to suggest questions to the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, when he comes to give evidence at the end of the month.

You have until 11am on 27th January to send in your one question to the Committee. Mr Gove appears before them on the 31st. 

Send your question via Twitter using the hashtag: #AskGove.

Of course, there's no guarantee he'll answer the question (you'll have to rely on the MPs to do the follow-ups) but it seems a good idea, not just a gimmick. Go for it!

User Comments

kirsty millar-kent - 23 Jan 2012

extending school day

If it is ur intention to extend the school day for all pupils including primary schhol children, have you considered the effect this would have on the teachers day? They currently work at least 3 hours a day outside school hours, more on days with after school meetings and training. Also what provisions would you make for those teachers, like myself, with small children, who would not actually see their children due to the extended hours they would then be working?

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