National Curriculum delayed for 'more radical' change

19 Dec 2011

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has announced a surprise delay to the revision of the National Curriculum in order to 'allow for more radical reform of both the curriculum and qualifications'. 

The changes being recommended by the Expert Panel will now not be implemented until 2014, instead of 2013 as originally planned.

Mr Gove said he was delaying the changes because  of the 'far-reaching and complex nature' of the interim recommendations of the Expert Panel which are published today. Amongst other things, the panel has suggested changing the length of Key Stages 2 and 3.

Mr Gove also said that, following the recent newspaper revelations in The Daily Telegraph, 'far-reaching reform to our examinations system is vital - and must be considered in parallel with changes to the secondary curriculum''.

Mr Gove's statement is available here. In it he explicitly relates the need for change to England's position in the OECD's international league tables which, he claims, show the country's position has 'deteriorated'.

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