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19 Sep 2011

You have just over a week left to vote for the best teachers' video in the O2 Learn competition. There's big money at stake: the winning teacher gets £50,000 and their school will receive £100,000 to spend on improving learning.

The judges - myself, Phil Beadle, Sir Mark Grundy, Gav Thompson, and Camila Batmanghelidjh - have picked 8 finalists from the winners of the monthly competitions that have been running all year. You can view the finalists - and cast your vote - 

It all works a bit like the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing (not that I like to admit having watched it...but my wife makes it compulsory viewing in our house) with the final verdict being decided by a combination of the public's vote and the judges' verdict.

I cannot reveal my views on the finalists at this stage other than to say there are some tremendous, and very professional, videos here. The idea was for teachers to make a short film (up to 10 minutes long) that would work as an online revision aide for their pupils.

Innovative and funny

The entries included some brilliantly innovative, entertaining, funny and  - above all - educational videos. 

What I like about this competition is that, it encourages teachers to show their originality, ingenuity, and performance skills. This reverses a recent policy trend that has risked turning teachers into mere ‘deliverers’ of pre-packaged lessons.

 For example, the national curriculum and the literacy and numeracy hours encouraged teachers to follow a national blueprint. By contrast, this competition rewards teachers who harness the latest technology to devise new ways of learning which, using their own professional judgement, work best with their students’ learning styles.

The videos on the shortlist demonstrate energetic enthusiasm for the subject, clear learning outcomes, an awareness of the capabilities of technology, and a welcome degree of risk and eccentricity.

2,000 votes cast already

Some 2,000+ votes have been cast so far but the more votes that are cast the better. So go and view the videos and make your decision.

If your experience is anything like mine was, you'll both enjoy it and learn something new (in my case filling in some vital gaps left unfilled by my own schooling).  

Voting closes at midnight on 28th September. The winners will be announced in mid-October.

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