SATS fiasco - more grass roots experiences

17 Jul 2008

I just read your article 'More questions about the SATs test fiasco' on the web site, after having heard on the news about the shambles surrounding this year's tests. 
I am so cross that among the many reasons for failing to meet deadlines given , was lack of markers.  I was trained as a KS2 science marker and waited patiently for my scripts to arrive to mark.  They NEVER came (and I know I am not the only marker who did not receive scripts) despite frequent emails(unanswered) & phone calls (lines too busy) to the 'unhelpful' help desk. I feel truly sorry for those poor children awaiting their test results. Having previously taught Y6 pupils I know how important these results are to the children and think it is appalling that many of them will break up and leave their primary schools not knowing what their results are.


A very angry and frustrated marker.

(name withheld)

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