Open University sets full-time fees at £5,000

20 Jul 2011

The Open University will charge new full-time students from England £5,000 from September 2012.  This will make it very competitive with most other universities which are charging considerably more, but will also mark an increase in costs for many OU students.

Average fees at other English universities are going to be around £8,400 from 2012.

Full time students are those taking the equivalent of 120 units. Others will pay according to the units they are taking. So, a typical student studying 60 credits in a year, will pay £2,500 per year.

Current fees for a full-time equivalent final year degree at the OU vary but would be about £1,900 a year according to some estimates (e.g. taking DD303 and DD307 for a BSc in psychology, according to the OU website) . 

The OU, which traditionally served mature, part-time students, has seen growing interest from full-time, school-leavers, and their competitive fees, and the chance to study from home, are likely to prove increasingly attractive after the new fee arrangements come into place elsewhere from 2012.   

 The Vice-Chancellor of The Open University, Martin Bean, said: 'As the higher education landscape continues to evolve rapidly, The Open University is today renewing its commitment to delivering high-quality, flexible and great value for money education for all.' 

The £5,000 maximum fee means the OU will be eligible to bid for the 20,000 'marginal' places being set aside for competitive bidding from institutions charging less than £7,500 a year.

 Other changes to student finance mean, for the first time, Government loans will be available for part-time students studying at least 30 credits a year in England which, for many, means that they will have nothing to pay up front.

Additionally, The Open University says it will be minimising financial barriers to study through its unique flexible payment options and financial support packages.  

 Most current OU students in England will be able to complete their qualifications at a price and pace consistent with their expectations when they started their course, under transitional fee arrangements.

 Today's announcement relates to students in England only. Fees in Scotland are expected to be similar to those published for 2011/12. In Wales, the cost incurred by OU students is likely to be lower than in England as a result of additional support from the Welsh Government. In Northern Ireland, there is yet to be a decision on future fees.


User Comments

Gwyn - 08 Aug 2011

Maintance Loans

Does this mean that full time OU students, with 120 credits or more, will be eligible for student loans, maintance grants and loans?
I read somewhere that it is the case, but I can't find any other info on it.

Organización del Bachillerato Internacional - 08 Aug 2011

thanks for sharing update .

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