An answer to 'fair access' that's crying out to be picked up

19 Apr 2011

 Today is the deadline for universities in England to submit their plans for improving access if they wish to charge more than £6,00 a year (see other story on this page for more on this).

For universities that are still struggling to find ways of improving fair access, without lowering academic standards, there is an answer. I have written about it in today's Education Guardian

The Villiers Park Scholars Scheme has a proven record of helping bright students from poorer homes into leading universities (see the article for their rather neat definition of what constitutes a 'leading' university -- they cleverly avoid institutional snobbery).

But the charity (of which I am a trustee) needs new funding sources if the scheme is to be expanded beyond the current two successful pilot areas. 

This is a great opportunity for partnership between universities needing to improve fair access and a leading charity.

For more about the Scholars Scheme see the charity's website:

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