Fascinating global views on schools reform

10 May 2008

 This week I chaired the Cambridge Assessment conference at Lancaster House in London, which looked at 'international education: 14 - 19 reform'.

It was a tremendous event. Some strong themes emerged:

  • how national school systems must respond to globalization;
  • the critical role of teacher education in schools reform;
  • the vital importance of Vocational Education & Training
  • the need to ensure there are no 'dead ends' in pathways through school.

 You can view it all - or just selected parts - at this web address: http://www.policyreview.tv/system.php?page=conf/intro&conf_id=107   (no login or fee required) 

Speakers included: Minister of State for Science and Innovation Ian Pearson MP, Mr Carol Keller from The University of the West Indies; Dr Razia Fakir Mohammad, Assistant Professor at Aga Khan University, Pakistan; Dr Yusuf Sayed, Senior Policy Analyst, EFA Global Monitoring Report Team; Professor S Gopinathan from the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, Singapore; and Tom Leney from the European Centre for Development of Vocational Training, QCA.


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