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17 Jan 2011

Derek Gillard's 'history of education in England' website has been updated. This impressive resource - invaluable to anyone studying the history of education policy - is now right up to date, including the start of the coalition government.

The history has also been extensively rewritten: the previous version was 40,000 words; the new one is almost three times as long at 117,000. There are now twelve chapters, including one on the Brown and Balls period (2007-2010) and a final one reviewing the policies of the 'coalition' government.

One feature of the new version which Derek hopes will be of use to students and researchers is that it contains more than 120 downloadable copies of education acts and white papers.

You can view the website at:

User Comments

Nigel de Gruchy - 17 Jan 2011

1991 Teachers' Pay and Conditions Act

This did not introduce significantly new powers. The 1987 Act of the same name was the one that gave the Secretary of State massive new powers mainly by abolishing the Burnham Committee and establishing a new contract for teachers thereby robbing their unions of negotiating rights.
The 1991 Act, in the view of many, including myself, actually improved the situation for teachers by replacing the Interim Advisory Committee (which had replaced negotiations under the 1987 Act)with the School Teachers Review Body which most unions welcomed. Until the recent pay freeze teachers have done better in respect of pay under the Review Body than under the discredited Burnham Committee, which incidentally was also subject to overall control by government.

Ursula - 17 Jan 2011

Derek Gillard's website

This is a wonderful website - invaluable time-saver to have so many bits altogether. Very much appreciated.

Pass4sure VCP550 - 02 Mar 2015


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