Research spending cut in real terms

20 Dec 2010

The coalition government has published funding allocations for science and research in England.

Overall the £4.6 billion spent each year will remain static in cash terms over the next 4 years, amounting to a real terms cut after inflation is taken into account.

Capital spending will be cut much more sharply, falling by almost 60% in cash terms over the same period.

There are mixed fortunes for the various research bodies.

Funding via the university funding council (HEFCE)  for Quality Related (QR)  research will fall by 3% in cash terms and there are similar reductions for  the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

However the UK Space Agency will see its budget rise by over 9% in cash terms over the 4 years of the spending review.

The Research Councils will receive a small (1.98%) increase in cash terms,although the overall figure masks differences with - for example - the Economic and Social Research Council and Engineering and Physical Science Research Council each  losing 3% in cash terms and  the Medical Research Council gaining 5%.

Full details of the announcement can be found at:


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