Education quangos on the hit (and saved) list

14 Oct 2010

 The government has now published the full list of quangos to be abolished, merged or saved. The education sector has taken a heavy hit, although several big quangos in both the schools and the university sector still await a final verdict.

 Here is how the list looks:

Further and Higher Education:

HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England): to be retained on grounds that there is a need for an impartial body to fulfil this function.

OFFA (Office for Fair Access): still under consideration, pending a White Paper on higher education due by the end of the year. Likely that, as suggested by Lord  Browne's review, it will be merged into HEFCE.

SLC (Student Loans Company): still under consideration pending the White Paper.

Research Councils:  to be retained on impartiality grounds.

NESTA: (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts): to be scrapped as government-funded body but possibly replaced by an independent charity.


BECTA: (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency): abolished.

CWDC: (Children's Workforce Development Council): still under consideration, decision by end of the year.

GTC (General Teaching Council for England): abolished.

Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy: abolished in December 2010.

 NCL: (National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services): still under consideration, decision by end of the year.

Ofqual (examinations watchdog): retained on grounds of impartiality but governance to be strengthened in legislation.

Ofsted (England's inspectorate): retained on impartiality grounds but to be reformed 'to increase proportionality and reduce burdens'.

PfS (Partnership for Schools): under consideration pending overarching review of Department for Education’s capital expenditure, to be completed in December 2010.

QCDA (Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency): abolished with some functions (including key activities such as National Curriculum Tests) transferred to the Department for Education

School Food Trust: abolished but to continue as a charity with the potential to become a community interest company.

School Support Staff Negotiating Body: still under consideration.

School Teachers’ Pay Review Body: retained in impartiality grounds.

Teachers TV Board of Governors: abolished.

Teachers TV: contract terminated from April 2011 insteda of running to 2013. This is likely to mean the end of the channel, although there is a possibility that the channel owners (Ten Alps and ITN) - or someone else -  may try to resurrect it as a commercial web-based channel, funded either by subscription or advertising or both. 

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner (England): still under consideration pending outcome of review led by John Dunford, due to report next month.

TDA (Training and Development Agency for Schools): under consideration, decision by end of 2010.

YPLA (Young People’s Learning Agency): still under consideration pending structural reforms. This body channels funding to academies.






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Halina - 05 Jan 2015

Government take a great decision because both schools and universities need change in the structure of education. Recently i read a news on that also tells the similar news like that.

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