University fees - Cable leaves wriggle room

12 Oct 2010

 The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has welcomed the Browne Review's proposal to lift the cap on university tuition fees.

In a Commons statement he said he accepted the 'broad thrust' of the proposals which were 'fair and affordable'.

However he said the government was 'hesitating' before accepting the recommendation that there should be no cap at all. He said he was 'cautious and careful' about the idea of 'unlimited fees'.

He added that the government was considering a fee level of £7,000.

 The Business Secretary said the government would be open to suggestions over the 'next few weeks' before making specific recommendations to Parliament. The aim would be to implement any changes from Autumn 2012 for new students entering university from that date.

More on the effects of a market in university fees -  and the consequences of following a US model - in my BBC analysis at:

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