Help needed for able but disadvantaged students

31 Aug 2010

I'm a trustee at Villiers Park Educational Trust, a charity that seeks to help very able young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get into good universities.

The Trust does wonderful work, by supporting gifted and talented provision in schools and colleges and by offering residential courses at its Cambridgeshire centre. It is now actively running a new scheme: the Villiers Park Scholars Programme.  Working initially with schools in Bexhill & Hastings and Swindon, the programme aims to level the playing-field for bright pupils aspiring to get into the most selective universities. For more see:

The work the charity does should really be financially supported by government - but sadly it is not. Moreover - as we know - the history of government support for gifted and talented pupils has for many years been a litany of missed opportunities.

So Villiers Park is trying to make a difference and to address the social mobility agenda. However, although the charity has been running for many years,and has developed unrivalled expertise, it will not be able to continue to do so without significant new financial support.

So, following a restructuring, Villiers Park is now seeking to appoint a Director of Fundraising, based at its Cambridgeshire headquarters. This is a chance to really make a difference.

If you think you - or someone you know - would be interested in, please follow the link to see the job specification:

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