Exclusions fall - what crisis in behaviour?

29 Jul 2010

Despite the sense of crisis in school discipline created by the Conservative Party's election campaign - and reinforced by the recent announcements on disciplinary powers -  it appears that the number of permanent exclusions from schools is falling fast.

The latest official statistics show  a 19.4% fall in the number of permanent exclusions across all types of schools in England. 

The Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, said that 'despite the fall in exclusions, poor behaviour remains a significant problem'.

But experts say the fall is evidence of the success of behaviour partnerships and 'managed moves', whereby pupils at risk of exclusion are moved - by agreement - to neighbouring schools, giving pupikls a 'fresh start'.

They fear that the growth of the new academies  will mitigate against this cooperation over behaviour as academies are not required to be part of behaviour partnerships.


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Pam Wallis - 21 Sep 2010


More work is being done to prevent permanent exclusions but it varies between authorities.... Numbers are often disguised by schools offering very short hours as an alternative... Youngsters and parents often do not know their rights!
Just seen part of 'Schools Season' on exclusions.... It portrayed the hidden side when some staff inflate situations! Another problem I often find is major misuse of restraint with no training in TEAM TEACH positive handling!

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