SATS - 26% of schools joined boycott but tests go ahead in 2011

06 Jul 2010

The government has said that the 2011 Key Stage 2 tests will go ahead in 2011 despite over a quarter of primary schools joining this year's boycott of the tests for 11 year-olds.

The 2011 tests will take place in the week beginning 9th May.

  Just over 4,000 primary schools refused to report results of the 2010 SATs, or national curriculum tests as they are properly known. That is equal to 26% of the 15,515 schools expected to administer the tests.

The Education Secretary, Michael Gove, says that he remains 'committed to reviewing' the tests as he accepts there are 'flaws'.

However he said that, as he does not want a gap in information for parents, he will proceed with next year's tests while continuing to review evidence  - particularly from other countries - on what might replace them.



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