Further round of cuts hit ICT in schools again

06 Jul 2010

The latest round of cuts announced by the Department for Education (and released at the same time as the ending of the huge Building Schools for the Future programme) have taken a further chunk out of the investment in ICT for schools.

As part of a £1 billion reduction in what is know as the End Year Flexibility (which allows government departments to carry forward their underspend from previous years), the DfE has announced a further £169.5 million savings in capital budgets.

This includes £50 million from the Harnessing Technology Grant, a pot of money which pays for improvements in broadband connectivity and computer hardware for schools. 

This £50 million cut is on top of the £50 that was redirected from the fund to pay for the 'free schools' policy.

So, in just a couple of weeks, the £200 million Harnessing Technology Grant has been cut to just £100 million.

Also part of this latest package of cuts is £15 million  taken from the fund for investment in school swimming pools and £24 million earmarked for 'co-location' funding (to site services together in one place).

And  £2.5 million is being removed from a pilot project for work on energy efficient schools as part of the Eco-towns project.   

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