More top education salaries revealed

02 Jul 2010

The government has continued its drive for greater transparency in public spending by publishing the salaries of the best paid staff at major quangos. This follows the earlier  publication of top civil servants' pay levels.

In the education field, the highest earner is Sir Alan Langland, who heads the Higher Education Funding Council for England and earns in the range £230,000 to £234,999 (all salaries are given in £5,000 bands).

The highest salary in the schools sector is earned by Tim Byles, Chief Executive of Partnerships for Schools, which oversees the Building Schools for the Future scheme. His salary is in the range £215,000- £219,999.

Top of the FE earners is Geoff Russell, CEO of the Learning & Skills Council at the time of this pay survey, who was in the range £205,000 to £209,999. He is now the head of the Skills Funding Agency. 

Other high earners on the list are:

Andrew Hall, CEO of the QCA (now QCDA): £205,000-£209,999

Isobel Nesbitt, acting CEO Ofqual: £150,000-£154,999

R.S. Jackson, CEO, Student Loans Company: £165,000-£169,999

Graham Holley, Chief Executive, Training & Development Agency: £160,000-£164,999

It is interesting to note that several of the top earners in education earn more than the head of MI5 who is on the salary range  £155,000-£159,999 -- but then he presumably gets to play with lots of fun gadgets as compensation.

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