Will new academies hit September target? Not many!

11 Jun 2010

 The government hopes that its new fast-track to academy status for "outstanding" schools will lead to some opening by September.

A very few might make that  but for most schools that is a ridiculously tight - indeed dangerously tight - deadline.

I have been into two outstanding schools in the past week (both in fact federations). Both are very interested in becoming academies but neither think it can be done by September.

The timetable simply doesn't give adequate time to talk to parents, staff and governors. Only heads who are determined to railroad it through will get a decision in time for September.

There are so many questions for schools to consider. One of the schools was still waiting for a call back from the DfE.

So its interesting to see from this week's TES that the government estimates that only 200 academies can be created this year and in each of the following three years.

There are some other interesting facts in the government's "Impact Assessment" on the Academies Bill. Academy "anoraks" can read it in full at:





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