IGCSE , Diplomas and National Curriculum changes

07 Jun 2010

The government has confirmed that it will add the IGCSE to the approved list of qualifications.  This means the IGCSE - currently offered by Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel and taken by many independent schools - will count towards league tables and,crucially, will attract funding.

The government has also confirmed that it will not be going ahead with the final 3 so-called 'academic' diplomas, covering science, humanities and languages. These were due to be introduced in 2011.

In a third move the government has announced that the primary review of the national curriculum, following Sir Jim Rose's review, will not go ahead. This leaves many schools in a vacuum as they were already working on the Rose proposals, which were due to be taught in schools from September 2011.

Instead the existing primary curriculum will remain in force in 2011/12.

 These changes raise some interesting questions:

  • Does it matter that the IGCSE is not aligned with the key Stage 4 national curriculum, so - for example - some English Literature IGCSEs do not require pupils to answer on Shakespeare? 
  • If schools are to be given maximum freedom to choose the qualifications they wish (as ministers have stated),why are they going to be deprived of the Phase 4 Diplomas?
  • Does this mean that primary schools are now free to exercise their autonomy and run with the Cambridge Primary Review's recommendations on the primary curriculum?

 I will be finding out more about IGCSEs and the new national curriculum in the third film in my Teachers TV series Need To Know. This will be on the web in just over a week. Film two on academies is on the website from tomorrow. More at: www.teachers.tv/videos/need-to-know-coalition-plans-for-education

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margaret morrissey - 07 Jun 2010


No problem anymore with primary school freedom to run with Primary Review looks like its out the window

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