Revealed: top education salaries in Whitehall

01 Jun 2010

 The list of public servants earning more than the £150,000 a year includes several working in education -- with Ofsted staff doing particularly well.

At the Department for Education, however, there is just one person earning above that level. He is David Bell the Permanent Secretary of the DfE who earns between £180,000 and £184,999.

Over at the Department for Business Innovation & Skills, which is responsible for FE and universities, there are 11 civil servants earning above the £150,000 threshold. However most of these are not in the education part of the department. The Permanent Secretary at BIS, Simon Fraser earns between £160,000 and £164,999.

Other high earners at BIS include the Director General for Science & Research, Professor Adrian Smith, and the government's Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. John Beddington. Both earn over £160,000 a year.  

Ofsted has no fewer than 5 staff earning above the threshold, headed by the HM Chief Inspector, Christine Gilbert, on between £195,000 and £199,999 -- well above what the Prime Minister earns and one of the highest salaries in the public sector.  Four others - all at 'Director' level - earn between £150,000 and £169,999.

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