The coalition government's education path

18 May 2010

 I have a lengthy piece in The Education Guardian today on the way ahead for the new coalition government. Which of the two parties' manifestos will guide the way? Who has won most from the coalition deal and what does it mean for schools, colleges, and universities?

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Sharon - 18 May 2010

Offender education

I have looked at the Conservatives policy on education in schools and higher education, but i can find nothing definitive on offender learning, that is prison education.
I am a teacher in a UK prison and want to know what changes, if any, will be in respect of offender learning and teaching staff. Will cuts be made, and if so, where ?

Mike: I'm afraid there is as yet no detail. We may hear by the Budget in June but probably will have to wait until the Comprehensive Spending Review in the autumn.

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