Suggestions for the new Education Secretary

15 May 2010

 A number of you have kindly used Twitter to suggest education policy ideas for the new coalition government. Keep sending your ideas and I'll do my best to give them wider attention.

 Here (without comment from me) are some of them:


carsmilessteve: properly funding proper adult education rather than keeping funding at £210M forever. Also funding non "priority" FE.


annawe23: The pupil premium. Keep teacher pay/conditions. No more academies. OfSTED to give student progress importance over attainment.

maribyrneongtale: DfE should tell us how much £/pupil leaves Whitehall & how much actually reaches schools - we must know how much the LAs cost.


andymellor64: we need a commitment quickly to explore alternatives to ks2 SATs and league tables. This government need to act decisively.

hgholt: I'm a worried large primary F&P chair. So much good work at risk. Nurture provision. Reading recovery. So much to lose. Wouldn't greatest reform be giving the reforms already in hand a chance for a change?


johannaTC: How will they square Cons plans for free schools with Libs idea of sponsor managed schools funded via local authority?

andyh_bristol: Want to see slimmed down NC and 14-19 diplomas put forward in Lib Dem manifesto...

Gifted & Talented:

rgould: I hope Gifted & Talented provision will be on the agenda fo r the sake of the students, many of whom massively underachieve,  for the sake of the schools to drive forward overall attainment, ethos and culture, and for the nation to promote excellence in our competitive world. There is excellent work going on but there is a question whether it can continue without a government lead. 


ukEdge: would be great to see practical and vocational learning at the heart of education policy

User Comments

david willmot - 16 May 2010

Education cuts

It is possible to save up to £1.2Bn from the education sector by using Open-source software and thin-client networks. The open-source part has been adopted by central government as part of their £3.2Bn annual savings and has broadly been accepted by BECTA. George Osbourne has talked about using open-source on several occasions. perhaps we will see this put into practice before job cuts are implemented.

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