A challenge to political parties

19 Apr 2010

 The independent education charity, the National Education Trust, has put down a set of challenges against which the political parties' education manifestos should be judged.

The challenges include:

  1. Democratic control of schools should pass to schools themselves with uniform per pupil funding across the country.
  2. Schools should be freed of government regulation.
  3. The panoply of quangos should be dismantled.
  4. The inspection regime should be simplified to focus on pupil outcomes, teaching and learning and leadership.
  5. Pupils should follow an international curriculum.
  6. Young people should stay in education and training until 18.

The Director of  NET, Roy Blatchford, urges: "ask a politician near you what he or she is going to do over the next five years to challenge a few of the orthodoxies so that, truly, every school in the land is a good school or better".

For more see the NET website: www.nationaleducationtrust.net/index.php


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