Sri Lankan nursery school

06 Mar 2010

 I have just returned from Sri Lanka. Although it was mainly holiday not work, I couldn't resist finding out about education there.

Amongst the places I visited was a small Montessori-style nursery school in the tea plantation area of the central highlands. This serves the very poor children of the Tamil tea-pickers. It is run as a charity with no government support. The facilities are basic but the children smartly turned-out. 

Here are some pictures: 


image.php.jpg   image.php.jpg  image.php.jpg


It is a one room school, with two teachers and an assistant. The children's parents pay a fairly nominal sum which just about covers the teachers' pay.


Conditions are hard on the tea plantations where the women tea-pickers earn 250 Rupees a day (about £1.50) and are expected to pick 18 kilos of leaves a day. 




Education is very important to the Sri Lankans and families make big sacrifices to ensure the best chances for their children. 


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Marc Rowland - 11 Mar 2010

Sri Lanka

Hi Mike

What can we learn from countries like Sri Lanka & India in order to improve attitudes to education in the UK?

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