Safeguarding - new advice for schools

18 Jan 2010

The new laws on safeguarding will affect all schools and all professionals who work with children and vulnerable adults. 

The rules were changed again just before Christmas, following concerns that they were too restrictive. 

However there is a lot for teachers, heads and governors to take on board, not least because Ofsted is now specifically monitoring for safeguarding issues and can deliver a 'limiting judgement', which means a poor verdict on this issue will affect the overall grade for the school.

 To find out more about how it all works, I've just made a programme for Teachers TV in the Need To Know series. It features cases studies of schools already implementing the new rules. The first showing is today on Freeview at 16.45, with repeats over the coming days and weeks. 

To find out more - or to view online -  see:    

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