School spending plans announced

13 Nov 2007

After the razzmatazz of the Comprehensive Spending Review we finally get to see how much extra money schools will get over the next 3 years.

If you recall, the total increase in education spending in England will be 2.8% a year in real terms until 2010/11. That's not bad. Its certainly better than for most other spending departments. It means there is still growth ahead.

 But it's a slower rate of growth than we have had in recent years. The figures for 1999-2008 show a 5.5% in reals terms p.a..  In other words the rate of growth is going to be halved.

 Now though we have just had the  figure for schools alone and the increase will be just 2% per year in real terms. So tighter than we had thought.

It is interesting to see where the extra bits of money are going, as this indicates the government's priorities: personalised learning, catch-up schemes for primary reading and maths, and extra cash for schools in deprived areas.

See the detail at:  : see the Press Notice for 12th November 2007 PN 2007/0204



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