Exams and snow - official guidance

08 Jan 2010

The examinations watchdog, Ofqual, has said it will ensure that all exam boards take the same approach to any students who are forced to miss their exams next week because of the bad weather.

In a statement tonight, Ofqual said it would be receiving daily reports from the exam boards across England, Wales and Northern Ireland next week. It reminded students and parents that there is a 'tried and tested contingency plan' for problems of this kind. 

Where students cannot take exams because their schools are shut students will either be able to sit their modules in the summer or - if they were planning to complete their modules this month - their school or college can apply for special arrangements to be made for them to be given an estimated grade. 

Ofqual revealed that it had discussed the possibility of asking the exam boards to reschedule the exams but it decided, in the end, that this was not practical as new papers would have to be devised for centres that were closed and this could impact on the comparability of standards.   

There is more information at: http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/2730.aspx



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