Pre Budget Report and Education

09 Dec 2009

The education highlights from the Chancellor's Pre Budget Report include:

  • Schools spending protected, with guaranteed 'real terms' increases next year and for two years from 2011.
  • No similar promises to protect FE and HE spending.
  • Extra half a million primary school children to get free school meals.
  • Short-term internships for graduates from low income homes to remove 'informal barriers' to entry to professions and business.  

The Chancellor said:


This means I can confirm not just that we will increase spending as planned next year, in hospitals, schools and policing.

But we can also pledge that spending on these crucial front-line services will continue to rise, over and above inflation, after 2010-11, so that we can meet the improved public service guarantees and entitlements we have set out.

Free School Meals:

I am able to extend free school meals to half a million primary school children of low income working parents, who previously would not have been eligible.

Once fully rolled-out, this will lift up to an additional 50,000 children out of relative poverty, towards our target of abolishing child poverty by 2020.


We also want to break down informal barriers which close off some careers to undergraduates from poorer backgrounds.

I can announce we will offer financial support for up to 10,000 undergraduates from low-income backgrounds to take up short internships in industry, business and the professions.

This will give them a taste of careers which they may not otherwise have considered – and further details will be announced shortly.

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