Predictable defensiveness from independent heads

24 Nov 2009

How sad, and how very predictable, that a number of head teachers from leading independent schools have attacked the suggestion that contextual data (such as school and home background) should be used in deciding university admissions. 

As I have written elsewhere on this site, the proposal does not amount to social engineering but is all about ensuring that universities select candidates with the greatest potential. In other words, they should be picked on academic merit. 

Unfortunately the head teachers of  of leading private schools cannot see it that way and appear to be more concerned to defend their interests (the USP of top schools being, in many parents' eyes, the proportion of pupils they can get into Oxbridge).

 In today's Daily Telegraph, the independent head's lobby describes the use of context as 'sinister' and 'dangerous'. 

Fortunately, that is not how Oxford, Cambridge and other universities - who have no vested interest other than to select the brightest students - see it.

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