Queen's Speech - unnecessary education Bill

19 Nov 2009

 The Children, Schools and Families Bill - announced in the Queen's Speech - seems to me an unnecessary bit of legislation.

 Do we really need a law to set out what parents can expect from schools?

 The Education Secretary, Ed Balls, says the Bill will 'ensure every parent is guaranteed to have a good local school'. But he knows he cannot guarantee that.

 The so-called 'pupil guarantees' state that every child 'will go to a school where there is good behaviour, strong discipline, order and safety'. It also guarantees a broad curriculum, regular sport and cultural activities, and schools that promote health and wellbeing.

Al fine aims - but what does the guarantee mean? Can parents ask for a return of their taxes if they are unhappy with local school provision. No, of course not. So how exactly is it a 'guarantee'?

This is just electioneering and it does a government which has made some serious education reforms no credit. 

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