World Education Summit ends with declaration

19 Nov 2009

 The first World Innovation Summit for Education - attended by 1,000 opinion formers from over 100 countries - has ended in Doha with a declaration of 10 priorities for promoting educational advance.

While any gathering of this size finds it difficult to bring a focus to its discussions, the WISE conference has attempted to avoid being just another 'talking-shop' with a set of priorities to guide future action.  

The 10 priorities are:

1.              Access to a 'quality' education

2.              A fully integrated approach

3.              Global citizenship

4.              Education embedded in the local community

5.              Protecting education and educators

6.              Reconciliation

7.            WISE pioneers group to monitor progress

8.      Innovating new ways to learn

9.              Pursuing sustainable development

10.          A future built on multi-stakeholder partnership

        The Summit also confirmed the creation of a new 'Institute for Education Leadership' designed to offer a number of dedicated training seminars around the world to newly-appointed educational leaders at all levels. 

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