New group to create independent state schools

18 Oct 2009

A new charity to help create a network of new independent state schools has just been launched.

The New Schools Network, an independent charity, will help groups of parents, or others, to set up new schools in areas which lack good state schools.

Although the idea of 'independent state' schools began under the Labour government (in particular with Academies) the new network clearly also has an eye on the Conservatives proposals for new Swedish-style 'free' schools.

The Network's membership is drawn from those who have worked with the Labour government and leading figures in the independent schools sector.

Their website is:

However, I remain unconvinced that the Conservatives have a large number of sponsors - particularly parents - ready to set up their new schools. They have also failed to give sufficient detail about how they will work and how they will be funded. I have written more on this for my monthly column in this week's Education Guardian (October 20th) 

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