Academies - now free!

07 Sep 2009

 It's tempting to say that the decision to scrap the £2 million entrance fee for City Academy sponsors is the result of necessity, since in these economic times it is increasingly hard to find business sponsors with money to spare.

 However, the move seems sensible, if momentum is to be maintained. City Academies have not always been successful (usually failure has been where their introduction was rushed because of the desire to hit political targets).

 However, in several cases they have brought improvement to schools which have been languishing for years, letting down local children, albeit in the toughest of circumstances. 

 In these cases, trying something new and innovative seems worth the try.

But the government should not be obsessed by achieving a certain number of Academies (400 is their target) by a particular date. That is not the way to get good, sustainable schools.  


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