Anger over FE building programme

01 Jul 2009

There is anger over the decision by the Learning and Skills Council that only 13 out of 144 FE college building projects can go ahead. For more on this story see: 

 David Dennis, an education researcher, has organised a petition calling for a public inquiry. You can add your name to it at the Number 10 Downing Street website:

 He has also written an open letter to the LSC. An edited version appears below: 

To the LSC:

I would like to say that the way you have handled the college building programme is shocking and disgraceful. The much-vaunted single goal you have shown on your website is meaningless. College students are having to be educated in World War 1 prefabs with holes in the floors, walls and doors. OFSTED have said that some of the buildings are unfit for education. Some of these students have significant disabilities or learning difficulties.

 How could you possibly come to the conclusion that only 13 out of 144 projects are to be funded? I hope we can have a public inquiry about this.  As a tax-payer I would like to know how many other people had to resign as well as Mark Haysom?   Many senior college staff have spent hundreds of hours of overtime working on plans. There have been local exhibitions, newspaper articles, visits by civic authorities. This is just one email and with one flick of the wrist you can dump it. But you can't dump the anger felt by so many college staff, governors and builders at what you have done to their vision of the future.

 D E P Dennis


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