Sir Tim Brighouse debate

28 Jun 2009

Tomorrow afternoon (Monday 29th June) I'll be chairing the first of a new series of Oxford Education Debates. The first speaker will be Professor Sir Tim Brighouse.

The idea is to start a new debate, mirroring the debate started by then PM Jim Callaghan in 1978, in his speech at Ruskin College.

The current debates are being run by the National Education Trust in association with Oxford Brookes University. To learn more, see the NET website:

 With government now pulling back from controlling schools in a number of areas (dropping SATs at age 14, allowing schools more flexibility over the numeracy and literacy hours, and with greater flexibility in the national curriculum) maybe we are approaching another watershed. 

The Callaghan Ruskin speech marked the start of much greater central government control of the curriculum and assessment - maybe it's now time for schools and teachers to reassert their autonomy and their responsibility.


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