Launch of Mike Baker's blog

27 Jul 2007

Hello. Thanks for visiting this site. 

My blog will begin in September 2007. It will be a forum for comment and analysis on education issues, covering some of the things I cannnot squeeze into my regular columns on the BBC News education website (Saturdays) and in The Guardian (Education Guardian: 3rd Tuesday in each month).

Suggestions for stories and issues are very welcome - both for here or for my journalism elsewhere. Please email by following the contact button on the homepage. 

Coming up in September:

I have a new series running on Teachers' TV called 'Behind The Headlines'. I will be re-visiting three schools which found themselves at the eye of a media storm: The Ridings in Halifax, St George's in Westminster, and The King Fahad Academy in West London. 

I wanted to do this because, so often, the media caravan just moves on after the big story has died down. I wanted to go back and find out what happened next and to get the inside story from those involved -- many of whom could not speak out at the time. 

The interviews proved fascinating and, for the participants, it was often quite emotional reliving those traumatic days when the media was camped on the doorstep.

The idea of the series is to find out what lessons can be learned from their experiences to inform others who might, unexpectedly, find themselves subject to intense media scrutiny. 

Watch out for the dates of transmission on the Teachers TV website.

Also coming up is a new series of 'What If?' the programme which puts teachers, heads, local authority officials, and social workers in the hot-seat as they wrestle with hypothetical (but realistic) scenarios.

I felt greatly honoured to pick up the baton of presenting this series from the late, and much-misssed, Ted Wragg. I do not expect to fill his shoes but, somehow, I could feel  his influence as we recorded the programmes. 

Programme 1 deals with the extent to which teachers are entitled to a private life. Programme 2 deals with the very topical issue of gangs.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer - and the exam results season! - and please log in again to see the blog as it develops. 

Best wishes,


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