The Big Bike Ride

31 Jul 2013

Hello everybody

We had a slight hiccup with the blog as people have not been receiving email reminders and have been unable to post comments. Sorry about that but it is all fixed now - thanks Joe,

I wrote a piece on the blog in June after we buried Mike's ashes on 31st May so do have a look at that. 


The BAKER'S BIKERS  are riding from The Parlour at Clayhidon to our favourite beach - Putsborough on the North Devon coast. 

The date: September 7th & 8th

The hills are going to be steep and the going tough so please sponsor us to raise money for Mike's memorial trust - I'm sure the more we raise the 'flatter' it will get!!

We have set up a Virgin Money fundraising site:

I know most of you know all about the Villiers Park Educational Trust where Mike was a trustee but it's always good to have an update:

Villiers Park Educational Trust is doing a fantastic job helping 14-18 year old disadvantaged bright students to reach their potential and go to a university of their choice. The trust runs challenging and fun residential courses covering all subjects and our memorial trust for Mike is funding a journalism course. 

Chrissy gave out scholar of the year awards to the most promising and motivated students in June. These were funded by the memorial trust. "such enthusiasm and lovely students" said Chrissy, " I'm proud to be a part of such an inspiring organisation that is changing children's lives". 

The trust does so much more than this to address social mobility in our society so please please have a look at their website here:

Following in the Baker tradition, we have a joke:

Why was the bike not able to stand up? Because he was two tyred! Boom. Boom. 


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