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16 Nov 2012

Just a quick note to say that for those of you coming to Mike's memorial service tomorrow, there is parking at the Church but it is limited, therefore we suggest parking around Ham Common or on the road leading up to Ham gate, both of which are only a 5 minute walk away.

Look forward to seeing you all,

Love from Chrissy Louise and Rachel

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Liz Lightfoot - 16 Nov 2012

Memorial service

I am so sorry not to be able to make the service as I have to cover an education conference all day. I'm sure Mike would understand but it is really bad timing as I wanted to show my respects to the memory of a very fine journalist who managed also to be a very nice man.

Michael Sparkes - 16 Nov 2012

Gathering beforehand

For those arriving early, some of us Emma folk are planning to gather in the New Inn from around 1.30pm or so, ahead of the service at 3.00pm.

Rebecca Hanson - 16 Nov 2012

Wishing you well for tomorrow.

Just posting to wish you all well for tomorrow.

If you haven't got a photographer arrange can I suggest you tip someone off to take a few group photos?

It's good to have some photos of 'the way we are now' to put alongside the photos of 'the way we used to be'.

This should also be, in a different kind of way, a very lovely family occasion which you will want to remember with some photos.

Lots of love to you all,


Andy Bryan - 16 Nov 2012

Mike's Memorial

I would just like to wish you and the girls well for tomorrow, Chris. See you there. Love Andyx

Lesley Killin - 16 Nov 2012

Memorial Service

I have a very long standing arrangement to spend tommorow at a friends 60th birthday event which means I cannot come along to Mike's memorial. Of course I do not need a special occasion to remember what a special gentleman he was but I would have liked to be there. I will be thinking of you all and I would love to hear how the event goes. I know it will be a very special day of laughter and memories.

Love from Lesley and boys xxx

Janie still - 16 Nov 2012

Mikes memorial service

Hello Chrissie, I e.mailed you earlier this week to say I won't be attending workshop after all so am able to attend Mike's memorial service, I do hope that's ok as I'm so pleased I'm free to come along, all the best Chrissie, see you tomorrow,
Love, Janie, xxx

Allison Allen - 16 Nov 2012


Just to wish you and the girls well for tomorrow. Sadly, I am unable to attend

tim miles - 16 Nov 2012

memorial service

Very sorry I won't be able to make it to Mike's memorial service. It would have meant a lot to me to be there, but I have a long-standing committment I can't break. Mike will be in my thoughts.

penny - 19 Nov 2012

the ride

dear Chrissie
Carl and I were thinking of you on 17th. I am sure there were all sorts of tears, of loss, of pride, of warmth, of love and hopefully some laughter and smiles in your reflections of Mike.
Reka, Carl and I are continuing to make the little film we started on 'the ride.' Mike is an important part of the documentary as you know. He interviewed Reka by the side of the river in Wales for Carl and we have some lovely still photographs of him and some footage of him cycling. We are still at a very early edit stage as we haven't got any funding so reliant on professional good will from friends in the editing process. We have confirmation from the Centre for Medical Humanities in Glasgow to show the film and an accompanying exhibition to oncology students in May 2013 and possibly then take it to other venues. Could we have a chat about all of this when you are ready to see if you are happy and willing for footage of Mike to be shown in this way. We will of course respect any decision you make and edit accordingly. When you are ready, just send a telephone number of email address and we can talk it through and show you the material we have.

Reka and I will plan a second ride next year. Do you think we could persuade you to join us for some of it?

Meanwhile, we both continue treatment and have other adventures planned! Reka and her family will go to Cambodia and Laos in Jan, between chemo again and I will go to do some work at a rural school in Tanzania in Feb with my daughter Scarlett. English winters don't agree with cancer treatments as you know!

My thoughts and warmest wishes to you.

Penny xxxx

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