update about May 13th - We need more sponsors !!

07 May 2014

We also wanted to confirm that all money raised on MAY 13th WILL be going into Mike's memorial fund .The information put on the just giving site has now been changed in case people were unsure -I certainly was !                                                                                                                                          Villiers Park will be funding another scholars programme focusing on writing and communication skills which is really good news as more students will benefit from this wonderful legacy you are all helping to continue for Mike .

I can confirm that everyone on may 13th will be walking for the 6 hours so lets cheer them on and wish them all the best - Lou , Rach and I are so grateful they are doing this and thank you everybody if you have sponsored them or will be . 

Here is the link to the virgin money giving page again



Enjoy the summer

Love Lou ,Rach and Chrissy

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Stevie pattison- dick - 08 May 2014

Thank you

Thank you for the updates. It's so lovely to see his name pop up into my email box!

Good luck to all.

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