Fund raising day on May13th for Mike's memorial fund

13 Apr 2014

 Hi everybody 

Sorry we have been out of touch for rather too long - we meant to wish you all a happy healthy 2014 but time slipped by and suddenly it's April ! We are all fine and a trip to Marrakech in March (the 3 of us) perked us all up and now with spring arriving properly we feel energies rising . 

Justin Shaw and his team at Communications Management are being brilliant and organising a fund raising day on May 13th for Mike's memorial fund at Villiers Park Educational Trust. The employees are visiting as many London universities as they can in 6 hours so its sounds pretty challenging! I am not sure if they run or walk or just use their initiative. If I get to know any more I will post a blog entry .

This will be the only fundraising event for Mike's fund this year so please be generous and remember disadvantaged  bright children are benefitting so much from the scholars programme and the journalism courses that ran so successfully in January this year. We are so keen for these courses to continue.I will be presenting the awards for the scholars in June which I am looking forward to as it is fascinating to hear their presentations always full of enthusiasm !  

You can follow their adventure on Twitter (@VilliersParkEdu) and support them by sponsoring them on their Virgin Money Giving page:

Mike was closely involved with Communication Mangement and did a lot of media training for them . He knew Justin very well which is why Justin is so keen to raise funds for Villiers Park in memory of Mike. It's great that they are doing this and we look forward to following them and seeing how it all goes...........

Love from us all Chrissy Louise and Rachel  

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Jon Silverman - 14 Apr 2014

Continuted support and admiration

Dear Chrissy,Louise and Rachel. Full of admiration for the continuing fund-raising efforts of those who knew and loved Mike. He would be very proud of you all. Much love, Jon.

Andy Bryan - 17 Apr 2014

Lots of love to you all, as usual. You're brilliant. Love Andy x

Adrian Everitt - 20 Apr 2014


Chrissy, Louise & Rachel:

Great to hear your voice again, and to know that Mike continues to inspire. And so do you.

All the best,

Adrian Everitt

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