Bakers Bikers reach the beach

09 Sep 2013

We did it!

70 miles cycling up and down the North Devon hills - and boy were there a lot of steep hills! Some of us actually walked down some of the steeper ones. One of the tougher ones was, would you believe it, called Baker's Hill!

Technology worked out we climbed 6,000 feet overall, equivalent to two Sca Fells!! What an achievement.

It was a fantastic team effort with drivers and cyclists all playing their valuable part. Everybody looking out for everyone and never any complaining (that I heard anyway!) which was amazing.

Sixteen of us set off on Saturday morning with a fair wind behind us and a cloudy sky. This and some sunny patches set the weather tone for the weekend apart from a 20 minute drenching on Sunday! We expected punctures (had three all on the first day - one cyclist having two in twenty minutes), but did not expect a flat tyre on one of the cars!. This was quickly sorted by Bakers Bikers muscle and team spirit. An interesting off piste detour around Barnstable took us onto a dual carriageway with a three-laned roundabout to negotiate and I don't think the peeping horns were encouraging ones! We soon found the peace and quiet of the Tarka trail luckily and cycled happily onto our final destination.

Putsborough beach, in a little drizzle, stretched out before us sweeping across to Woolacombe Bay. It was an emotional moment, realising we had made it and remembering the man who had loved the beach so much. Mike, I know, would have loved cycling this route and was with us all the way.

As we ate our sandwiches and gathered for group photos the sun came out - then I knew for definite he was with us.

A special thanks to Bob and his family for being so welcoming and generous looking after all our bikes on Saturday.

Lou, Rach and myself would like to thank all the cyclists, drivers, and support team for being so amazing. There was a real team spirit with everyone enjoying themselves and that for us was what really made it extra special.

Also thank you to everyone who generously sponsored us. We are very close to our target of £5,000 so we are thrilled - thank you so much.

There is still time to donate - please visit

Love from us all

Chrissy, Louise and Rachel

User Comments

Richard - 09 Sep 2013

Well done, lovely photos, great sum raised

What wonderful team spirit, you can see that from the photos and the accounts. Mind you, also managed to get an early first hand experience via Ian who was at Villiers Park to discuss websites. He didn't even look tired - was he the one in the car with the flat tyre?!r

Charles - 10 Sep 2013


Congratulations on such a great achievement. Mike would have really appreciated your effort in going up those hills to support such a good cause.

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