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01 Jul 2009

From Professor Marilyn Leask, Brunel University:

Perhaps you are aware that there are many people in HEIs who have considerable experience of ITT and practice based masters courses and who could present a reasoned case for and against the MTL based on evidence without you having to resort to the cliches which you attribute to Dylan Wiliam in your MTL article. 

In fact practice based masters courses have been provided for teachers in most universities in England for many decades especially following Lawrence Stenhouse’s influential teacher as researcher text in 1975. There is actually nothing particularly new in the MTL. Government is catching up with best practice in most HEIs.

 Your article is also  incorrect about the lack of research in the area. I am aware of research and can provide case studies from the 70s, 80,s 90s, and more recently. Leading head teachers have benefited from this way of working and names could be provided if you really want to find out how working at M level can help practice.

From Ian Terrell:

The annual TDA report on PPD says:

“There is growing confidence and evidence that teachers’ M-level study often makes considerable difference to both pupil learning experiences and their results” (TDA PPD Impact Evaluation Summary Report 2007-08 page 3).

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