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Time to give numeracy the literacy treatment

In her guest blog, Wendy Jones - trustee of National Numeracy - argues that the improvements seen in literacy levels can be extended to numeracy - but only with a concerted effort.

13 Mar 2012

The teachers' videos competition restarts

 It's good to be involved once again as a judge in the new round of O2 Learn's revision vi...

05 Mar 2012

From Tony Blair to Free School - leap or logic?

 I'll be chairing the annual National Education Trust Lecture this week and - living up to ...

10 Mar 2012

21st Century Free School: a way ahead?

Caption: Peter Hyman delivers NET Lecture. Photo:

University admissions disappointment

 The news that UCAS will not be going ahead with its proposals for a Post Qualifications Adm...

28 Mar 2012

University participation rate stalls

The proportion of young people in England entering university has hit a plateau -- stilll short o...

28 Mar 2012